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Championing execution is how its phrased in “The Work of Leaders” and assembled out of three key things: feedback, structure and momentum. We’ll explore how a vision is brought to pass by those who share the core values of the visionary, and who buy into the big picture and all that comes with it.

Building Stellar Influence – Coaching Circle on the Wild Blue River

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Getting the team to move from Point A to Point B (even if its a team of YOU)

‘Championing execution’ is how its phrased in the book, The Work of Leaders – a truly invaluable resource I refer my clients to frequently, because of the tangible action steps it spells out so clearly, that anyone can learn to take.

In the authors’ view, successfully executing a vision is assembled out of three key things: feedback, structure and momentum.

I help you walk through this process of bringing your vision to pass, even while walking difficult terrain. Here’s the key: your vision comes to pass through people who share the core values of you, the visionary, beginning with YOURSELF and then flowing out to those who buy in to your vision.

You’ll learn to recruit and engage people who buy into the big picture you are painting – and all the good stuff that comes with it.

Get from Point A to Point B
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And if the team is just YOU at this point, do not despair. You can and you will do the important work, as well as the urgent necessary tasks, in order to hold the ground you have and build a strong foundation for your future team.

That team may or may not be people you bring on as W4 employees!

You may choose to outsource routine operations to freelance contractors. Tasks like bookkeeping, data management, event planning, online marketing, and other things you are not really using your time most effectively if you insist on trying to keep them to yourself.