Executive Coaching: Live Forward

Coaching helps you live forward and take new ground. It’s a combination of helping you through accountability, to take the right steps, in the right sequence, using the right strategies. You’ll test and measure at each step, get accurate feedback, and adjust!

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how to reach me: text me on my VIP Coaching Line at 612-321-8390 or at my office at 612-321-8753, or email my VIP Coaching Inbox at [christy at stellar impact dot com]
Are you one of those people who is more like an eagle? Do you have uncommon goals?

I’ll help you find and map out your path forward.

What’s your POINT A? Where is it that you want to go? Let’s get to that POINT B and then keep going from there. Peak to peak.

If you are already a client, take a look at the VIP section. You will find your initials there. Click through, and type in your password. Text me at 612-321-8390 to retrieve your password if lost or forgotten.

You may request to join this private coaching group:
FACEBOOK GROUP ID: 561495340532836
URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/56149534053283/

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