Zion’s instructions for the day

Take care of yourself. Keep yourself clean, drink lots of water, take frequent breaks, eat nourishing foods.

Take care of your environment. Keep your environment orderly and clean. This includes your room and closet, the shared bathroom and shared kitchen. Be ready for a spot check at any time.

Use your laptop and internet connection wisely. Limit your game time until after more essential learning activities.

picture021Accomplish at least 2 hours of study in mathematics every day; 1 hour in science; 1 hour in human studies (social studies and history); and 30 minutes of reporting using writing (i.e. book reports, science reports, etc.); 1 hour of creative writing.; and 30 minutes in creative arts (painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting, modeling, etc.) TRACK YOUR ACTIVITIES  – YOU MUST LOG THEM IN YOUR BLOG.

Building legos counts as creative arts!


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